Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Daddy's Gone

My daddy is gone. The little child inside me asks "when is he coming back?" The answer is he's not. My daddy had a heart of gold that tarnished like silver with every sip of whiskey. We had our struggles but the love is still there. I haven't really cried-the numbness of shock has taken over for now. A few minutes go by and then someone interrupts and it reminds me that my daddy is gone.


framer said...

I am sorry your daddy is gone! We are all praying and lifting you all up. Love you!

Whitney said...

He is gone. That is true. But I am starting to let myself think that NOW he gets it and now he can watch over us like he should have always done. And we have each other. Nobody can ever take that away. I love you, baby girl.